lambda 处理程序 for 循环中的记录“for record in event['Records']:”在哪里?

一个天真的问题,有谁知道 for 循环中的记录来自哪里?我知道解析正在下面发生,但不确定 Records 字典来自哪里

def handler(event, context):
  for record in event['Records']:
    bucket = record['s3']['bucket']['name']
    key = record['s3']['object']['key']
stack overflow where are the records "for record in event['Records']:" in the lambda handler for loop from?
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From this link an S3 event (the event variable passed to your handler) looks something like:

  "Records": [
      "eventVersion": "2.1",
      "eventSource": "aws:s3",
      "awsRegion": "us-east-2",
      "eventTime": "2019-09-03T19:37:27.192Z",
      "eventName": "ObjectCreated:Put",
      "userIdentity": {
        "principalId": "AWS:AIDAINPONIXQXHT3IKHL2"
      "requestParameters": {
        "sourceIPAddress": ""
      "responseElements": {
        "x-amz-request-id": "D82B88E5F771F645",
        "x-amz-id-2": "vlR7PnpV2Ce81l0PRw6jlUpck7Jo5ZsQjryTjKlc5aLWGVHPZLj5NeC6qMa0emYBDXOo6QBU0Wo="
      "s3": {
        "s3SchemaVersion": "1.0",
        "configurationId": "828aa6fc-f7b5-4305-8584-487c791949c1",
        "bucket": {
          "name": "lambda-artifacts-deafc19498e3f2df",
          "ownerIdentity": {
            "principalId": "A3I5XTEXAMAI3E"
          "arn": "arn:aws:s3:::lambda-artifacts-deafc19498e3f2df"
        "object": {
          "key": "b21b84d653bb07b05b1e6b33684dc11b",
          "size": 1305107,
          "eTag": "b21b84d653bb07b05b1e6b33684dc11b",
          "sequencer": "0C0F6F405D6ED209E1"

So you're looping through all of the Record entries that are in the array. While S3 tends to only have a single record, you should parse them all just in case.