Azure 数据工厂中的数据屏蔽

我们正在使用 Azure 数据工厂将数据从 Azure SQL 和 Azure Postgres 等源移动到 Azure 数据湖的目标。有一些敏感数据需要屏蔽。是否可以仅在转换阶段在 Azure 数据工厂中进行数据屏蔽?


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You can leverage on Cryptographic functions of the source DB and use it in the SELECT statement to get encrypted data into the data lake. If you use a reversible function you can decrypt later on. You can also mask the data using SQL function (e.g selecting only a substring of a sensitive column) but then it won't be reversible (same thing if you leverage Data Masking on the Azure SQL DB)

Here the Cryptographic functions for Azure SQL DB


Hi there is a option of dynamic data masking in the portal where you have deployed the database. You can go there and select the table and column to mask your data