ASP.NET 中的 OpenStreetMap

我对在使用 ASP.NET 开发的 Web 应用程序中使用 OpenStreetMap 很感兴趣。任何人都知道是否有用于在 ASP.NET 中使用 OpenStreetMap 的控件、库或包装器? (C#,不使用 Javascript)。


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I'm not sure whether they have any ASP specific tools, but Cloudmade have lots of tools & API you can use to get OpenStreetMap into your app. It's mostly done on the client though through JavaScript, so I don't think you'll find much in the way of C# tools.

I could be wrong though...


BruTile is a C# library for displaying a slippy map. It can be used on the web, displaying via silverlight.

In my opinion a silverlight requirement is not a sensible choice for a public website, and not very sensible for internal use either from a long term perspective, so this isn't a great solution. But this is the only thing I'm aware of which matches what you're asking for.

"not using Javascript" is a curious restriction, since most embedded web maps use javascript. Perhaps you mean you don't want to work with any javascript, but the website can use it. In which case... I'm still not aware of any C# solution, but a library which wraps OpenLayers or one of the other alternatives, hiding all javascript development from you, would be very feasible. Someone should build such a thing! In the meantime, the javascript to display a slippy map is quite simple I promise :-)

The other approach might be a Static Map Image generating library which fetches tile images, stitches them into a single image and caches it locally for you to display in an <img> tag. Again such a thing would be very feasible (easy!?) to build with C#. Someone should do it! In the meantime you can link to one of those services (e.g the new one from MapQuest) directly from an <img> tag on your site. ...No javascript, and no C# either!